English-speaking Japanese lawyer at central Tokyo, handling immigration/asylum cases, family law and employment law matters, and medical malpractice cases.

Practice Areas

Illustrations of Practice Areas

Financially disadvantaged?
Legal aid may be applied for, both for legal couselling and litigation/negotiations. Where such aid is available, counselling is free, and no payment is required for at the time of initiation of litigation/negotiations. Legal aid also covers interpretation/translation costs to an extent.

  • Immigration/Asylum Cases:

    e.g. Overstayed my visa but want to stay on for my kids. How can I?

    e.g. Got a deportation order but must stay on. Is it possible at all?

    e.g. What are the requirements for permanent resident visa?

    e.g. I face persecution in my home country but the Immigration is trying to deport me. How can I resist?

    e.g. I am HIV positive. Am I not a refugee?

  • Family Law Matters:

    e.g. How to get a divorce here for a foreign residents couple. Can they go to the Japanese court?

    e.g. Want to divorce Japanese husband but worried about my spouse visa. Can I stay on after the divorce?

    e.g. Want to divorce Japanese husband. How can I keep the kids?

    e.g. Can I write a will in English?

  • Employment Law Matters:

    e.g. Want to fight back unfair dismissal. What are the options?

    e.g. Company unwilling to pay promised salaries. What is the best way to take?

    e.g. Suffered injury at workplace. Can I sue the employer for compensation?

    e.g. Foreigners can also claim unemployment benefits?

    e.g. Want to get rid of a trouble-maker lawfully. Points worth bearing in mind?

  • Others:

    e.g. Looking for an English- speaking medical malpractice lawyer.

    e.g. Foreigners are covered by Japan’s social security benefits?

*Criminal Defense is not part of the Practice Areas.